What to Expect at the Latest Iteration of the wndr Museum

By Tara Gardner | December 2, 2019 | Culture

The wndr museum embarks on a new chapter of Instagram-ready experiences.

An interactive experience at wndr

With its extraordinary elan in curating out-of-this-world, sensor spinning-spectacles, wndr is breaking the mold when it comes to the new guard of experiential museums. The destination has evolved over the past year from its pop-up roots to become a permanent, flamboyant fixture on the Chicago cultural scene; the West Loop museum’s just-debuted third chapter builds on the buzz of its past lives while keeping the format fresh and oh-so-hype.

Themed The Hero’s Journey Through wndr, this iteration takes us on a wild ride through the mythology of Joseph Campbell. “We encourage everyday heroes to realize their potential, value and permanency in the larger story of humanity,” explains Executive Director Kendall McElhaney. “We’re all storytellers in our own ways. How we choose to articulate that story is what’s so enticing to me as a curator—the possibilities are endless.” From immersive entire rooms to more intimate exhibits, expect an effervescent smorgasbord of multisensory delights: interactive illuminated floors, mesmerizing plasma orbs, perspective-warping mirrors and a giant photo machine created by immersive fabricators including Hfour and Marina Fini alongside emerging local Chicago artists such as Milo Krimstein.

Running alongside its most iconic permanent works by Barbara Kruger, Alex Israel and Richard Prince—and, of course, the world-renowned “Let’s Survive Together,” the only Infinity Room of its kind by iconic artist Yayoi Kusama—wndr seeks to curate curiosity in all that it does. “We want guests to leave wndr with more questions than answers,” McElhaney says. “We invite guests to take some intentional time to get to know themselves a little better and strengthen their admiration for the world around them.” 1130 W. Monroe St., wndrmuseum.com