Why Chicago Style Star Ikram Goldman Loves Dutch Label Jupe by Jackie

By J.P. Anderson | July 17, 2018 | Style & Beauty

With posh blankets and stunningly inspired pillows, Dutch label Jupe by Jackie creates the perfect complement to its must-have fashion collection.

From striking embroidered pillows and blankets to stylishly casual skirts and dresses, Jupe by Jackie brings a fabulous fashion sense to both its home and womenswear collections (Photo: courtesy Jupe by Jackie)

Dutch designer Jackie Villevoye is renowned for the exquisite embroidery of her Jupe by Jackie dresses, skirts and blouses, all created in close partnership with master artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India. Now, Villevoye—who has long provided embroidery for iconic fashion house Comme des Garçons—has expanded her line with a series of luxe home goods, and for Chicago fashion queen Ikram Goldman, that makes Jupe by Jackie a must-have new lifestyle brand.

“I was in the showroom recently in Paris, and on the side she had these exquisite pillows strewn all over the place,” enthuses Goldman. “Each is a different size and hand-embroidered in a different way, in dark or light burlap, and many are adorned with an authentic ethnic image. It’s the kind of artisanal handiwork that just doesn’t exist anymore.”

Goldman isn’t surprised by Villevoye’s new venture. “With the flair of the hand stitching in her clothing, it was such an obvious transition to home goods,” she says. “The pillows and blankets are really special in that they speak to an eclectic, sensitive way of living; they’re very thoughtful with a European sensibility.”

Taken together with Jupe by Jackie’s clothing, it makes for a lifestyle line that’s the epitome of ease. “This,” says Goldman, “is the absolute chicest way to do casual.” Available at Ikram, 15 E. Huron St., 312.587.1000

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