Why Haimov Jewelers Is Praised For Its Customer Service

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 12, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Haimov Jewelers is a family-run business set up by Igal Haimov, one of the most passionate persons about jewelry. Although he is the chairman and CEO of the establishment, everyone in the family contributes to managing the operations in one way or another. It is because all of them are involved in the store that the business is renowned in the jewelry industry for its customer service.

Their focus on high-quality designs and jewelry, and the service provided to their clients have helped them stand out from their competitors. Famous celebrities including T-Pain, Timberland, Rick Ross, Maluma, Jason Derulo, and 50 Cent have visited the store to get beautifully designed custom jewelry.


How Haimov Jewelers Treats Customers with Respect

A lot of people have heard about Haimov Jewelers because of the exquisite craftsmanship in the jewelry they put up for sale. However, those who have made at least one purchase at their store begin to admire it afterward for something more than just custom jewelry. The highly commendable customer service and how they make their clients feel valued hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Haimov Jewelers treats their customers like family

The benefit of Haimov Jewelers being a family-run business is that everything is strongly tied to customer service. The family holds high regard for all their customers and it reflects in how they deliver their service. The customers are treated with respect and welcomed warmly to the store. Whenever they need assistance, the employees are very much willing to answer their inquiries and care for their needs.

Words about their impressive customer service have further improved their already positive reputation. Many who want to buy jewelry are usually suggested by a lot of famous stores, especially ones frequented by celebrities. With Haimov Jewelers, almost all customers who have at least made one purchase can vouch for the store and recommend it to others.

Anyone is welcome at Haimov Jewelers

Celebrities are indeed treated with utmost respect and attention when they visit the store to place an order. However, Haimov Jewelers’ hospitality is not only for them but for anyone who steps inside their store, regardless of their status. The pieces of jewelry are also offered at a reasonable price, so the customer gets the best value for their money.

The customer base is also not limited to only those in Miami, Florida, or even the United States. Some clients have actually come from various other parts of the globe. Visit the official website of Haimov Jewelers to check out their various offerings.



The managing staff at the Haimov family and everyone working under them make sure that customers are treated the best in the store. Since everything is being built around customer service and high quality, a lot of jewelry lovers are naturally attracted to the store. Haimov Jewelers believe that treating their customers with respect and care is just as essential as offering them high-quality jewelry and custom designs. Customers can check out content related to jewelry and fashion by following the store on Instagram and YouTube.



Photography by: Haimov Jewelers