Street Artist Stinkfish Returns to Vertical Gallery for His Second U.S. Solo Show

By Stephen Ostrowski | May 28, 2019 | Culture

With a new show at Vertical Gallery, global graffiti star Stinkfish deepens his tie to the city that bears his psychedelic stamp.

Turning everyday scenes into dreamscapes of kinetic color (like this one in Malmö, Sweden), street art rabble-rouser Stinkfish adds an element of amped-up fantasy into the urban fabric. (Photo: Graffiti in Malmö Photo by Maria Eklind/Flickr Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

With his head-spinning scenes gracing unexpected surfaces in Latin America, Europe and Asia, the oeuvre of Colombian street artist Stinkfish is demonstrably international. Thankfully, fans of the muralist can enjoy a healthy supplement to his comparatively limited U.S. output—which, in Chicago, includes pieces in Pilsen and Ukrainian Village—when Vertical Gallery debuts The short distance between lands. The long distance between ports. It’s the artist’s second stateside solo exhibition, coming five years after the gallery presented his first.

Enthuses owner Patrick Hull of the firebrand’s unconventional technique, in which he interprets candid snaps into hallucinogenic designs, “He’s created a story of a person’s emotions from this raw photo that he takes of somebody doing something, never a posed image, then bringing them to life through a mural, and then carrying that through to a gallery work. It’s a unique process, and the result is quite vibrant.” June 8-29, 1016 N. Western Ave.

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