Tracy Spiridakos on Season 7 of 'Chicago P.D.,' Favorite Chicago Spots & More

By Heidi Mitchell | September 16, 2019 | Culture People

Chicago P.D. star Tracy Spiridakos embraces her role on one of network TV’s hottest dramas—and settles into life in the Windy City.

Winnipeg native Tracy Spiridakos is making herself right at home on the set of Chicago P.D., the seventh season of which premieres Sept. 25.

“I eat a lot of food, which is what you’re supposed to do here, right?” jokes Tracy Spiridakos, breakout star of the Dick Wolf-produced juggernaut Chicago P.D., now in its lucky seventh season, premiering Sept. 25. Playing tough-as-nails detective Hailey Upton, the Winnipeg native is watching along with the rest of the show’s 6 million devoted weekly viewers as the sleuth explores her more playful, romantic side. “Actors are the last to know anything!” Spiridakos insists when asked what’s to come, admitting that she’s often given scripts the night before taping.

In real life, the Greece-raised tomboy is discovering Chicago through the eyes of her beloved Rottweiler, Nala, whose ears perk up when Spiridakos tells her they’re going to the lake—no doubt to walk off all the calories indulged in at her favorite restaurant, The Purple Pig. “Chicago’s been really good to me,” she says. “I love the architecture, I love to go for walks… but I’m actually the most boring person,” she adds with self-deprecating charm. We beg to differ, as the actress’s own sparkly personality shines through Upton’s deliciously developing character across this season’s 22 episodes.