Snarkitecture Brings 'The Beach' to Navy Pier

By J.P. Anderson | January 11, 2019 | Culture

Navy Pier heats up with a new installation from design powerhouse Snarkitecture.

After visits to Sydney, Paris and Bangkok, immersive installation “The Beach” arrives in Chicago just in time for winter. (Photo by Noah Kalina/courtesy Snarkitecture)

Winter doldrums? Not this year. At Navy Pier, January brings the city’s latest must-Instagram attraction with “The Beach,” an immersive installation created by N.Y.-based Snarkitecture and brought to Chicago in alignment with EXPO Chicago. While the wind howls outside, visitors can plunge into a “pool” of over a million antimicrobial and recyclable plastic balls, lounge in deck chairs and enjoy the comfy 70-degree scene from a pier above, all replicating the feel of a day at the beach.

“We founded Snarkitecture with the goal of making architecture perform the unexpected,” explains artist Alex Mustonen, “by inviting people to physically experience the environments, objects and structures we were creating, to make things real by allowing people to touch, explore and discover in a way that we aren’t normally ‘allowed’ to in our day-to-day environment. I think physical interactions both with our surroundings and other people will always create meaningful, memorable experiences.” Everybody in! Jan. 19-Feb. 3, Aon Grand Ballroom, 840 E. Grand Ave., 312.595.7437

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