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Chicago is playing host to the can’t-miss event of the fall -- the world premiere of an extraordinary interactive art experience showcasing Art Institute of Chicago alum Michael Murphy’s trailblazing perceptual art. Debuting at The Shops at North Bridge, Perceptual Experience is equal parts art, illusion and perception, where guests move around transformative artworks that reveal themselves anew from different vantage points.

Unlike traditional art displays, Perceptual Experience is designed for active participation. Visitors are encouraged to change their vantage points and engage with the artworks from different angles. As they do so, the pieces transform and evolve, revealing new dimensions and perspectives.

Michael Murphy, renowned for his unconventional artistry, is a master of optical illusions and multidimensional installations. Complemented by custom audio experiences that give guests a full sensory experience, the massive 3D hanging installations invite viewers to see beyond the surface.

In Perceptual Experience, Murphy takes his expertise to new heights, engaging viewers in a captivating exploration of how our brains process visual information. Through meticulously crafted arrangements of objects and strategic use of perspective, Murphy challenges visitors' perceptions, prompting them to question the very nature of reality and what meaning we ascribe to what we see.

Perceptual Experience is doesn't just captivate the senses; it also acts as a catalyst for meaningful conversations. Touching across a variety of topical subjects, the one-of-a-kind collection brings number of Murphy’s most celebrated creations together for the first time. The captivating experiential installations ranges from the playful and visually dazzling “Wow” to the poignant “Polina” inspired by the story of a Ukrainian refugee girl and her family. Also on view will be one of Murphy’s most iconic pieces, “Air,” in which an illusion of the Air Jordan One transforms into the iconic Jumpman logo.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how a person’s viewpoint can dramatically alter their impression of a piece of artwork,” said Murphy. “This collection was designed to showcase how when using this medium we can reveal new perspectives and previously unseen dimensions that were in some ways hiding in plain sight.”

Murphy employs a combination of kinetic sculptures, suspended objects, and precisely calculated angles to create these astonishing optical illusions. As visitors navigate through the experience, they'll get the uncanny sensation of witnessing inanimate objects coming to life, transforming and shifting before their eyes.

As visitors step into this immersive world of illusions and innovation, they are poised to witness art's potential to shape, reshape, and shift the way we perceive the world around us.


Tickets are available at www.theperceptualexperience.com. Guests can opt for VIP tickets for an enhanced experience and special souvenir from the experience, and can also round out their visit with drinks and food offerings.


Debuts September 14, 2023 for a limited time at The Shops at North Bridge

540 N Michigan Ave


Perceptual Experience is produced by leading location based entertainment providers Immersive with Kilburn Live. Visit www.theperceptualexperience.com or @ThePerceptualExperience.

Photography by: Videos courtesy of Michael Murphy