These 3 Tantalizing Additions to Andersonville's Dining Scene Are Not to Be Missed

By J.P. Anderson | September 6, 2018 | Food & Drink

With three noteworthy restaurant openings, the North Side enclave of Andersonville has become the city’s latest must-visit dining district.

With Insta-worthy dishes like kalbi short ribs with kimchi (pictured), Passerotto is one of a trio of new Andersonville hot spots. (Photo: Mistey Nguyen)

Long known for its Scandinavian heritage, these days Andersonville is as multicultural as neighborhoods come, with a slew of casual storefront restaurants inspired by flavors ranging from Middle Eastern to Cajun and Japanese. Now, three new destinations are adding even more international flavor to the mix—and drawing crowds of foodies from across the city.

Former Grace pastry chef Bobby Schaffer goes low-key (but no less delicious) with Lost Larson (5318 N. Clark St., 773.944.0587), a bakery whose artful offerings pay homage to the neighborhood’s (and Schaffer’s own) Swedish roots. Smart, modern Mexican fare (think wood-grilled octopus with jicama pineapple salad, and bone-in pork chops with mole) and a killer front patio have made Octavio Cantina & Kitchen (5310 N. Clark St., 773.293.1223) the strip’s most primo people-watching spot.

Perhaps most buzzworthy of all? Passerotto (5420 N. Clark St., 708.607.2102), where chef/owner Jennifer Kim has critics raving about her Korean fare with Italian influences, from nori butter-kissed cavatelli to chicken with Calabrian chilis. “Andersonville is such a microcosm of Chicago,” says Kim. “We’re excited to become part of the community.”

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