Why Marisol Is Poised to Be a Can't-Miss Dining Destination

By Amber Gibson | July 23, 2017 | Food & Drink

Part of a major redesign for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s 50th anniversary, vibrant new restaurant Marisol is poised to become a destination in its own right. Here’s the scoop.

From chef Jason Hammel, tempting options at new MCA restaurant Marisol include prawns roasted in walnut oil with Tardivo radicchio.

The Name: Marisol Escobar (1930–2016) was a Venezuelan-French artist known for playful wooden sculptures blending pop and folk art, including portraits of Andy Warhol and John Wayne. Warhol and Escobar were close friends, and she appeared in his films The Kiss and 13 Most Beautiful Women. In 1968, she also gave the MCA its first artwork, Six Women, initiating the museum’s now world- class collection of contemporary art.

The Inspo: “Marisol was an independent, spirited, brilliant woman and artist,” says chef Jason Hammel. “The strength and humanity in her work resonate with [me] as a chef.”

Set the Scene: Art, food, and design intertwine to inspire dialogue and community in a warm, inviting space. Immersive works by British artist Chris Ofili include window etchings and a massive mural centerpiece.

Dig In: “We’re cooking with depth of flavor, brightness, and color to accent the natural forms of ingredients,” Hammel says.

Drink Up: Natural wines complement the lighter palate, while an extensive aperitif list is ideal for before or after museum events. 205 E. Pearson St., 312-280-2660; marisolchicago.com