Stylist Law Roach on Returning to 'America's Next Top Model' and Chicago's Unique Fashion Sense

By Heidi Mitchell | January 9, 2018 | People

Chicago native and red-carpet maverick Law Roach returns to judge America’s Next Top Model in signature vintage style.


You call yourself an “image architect.” What exactly is that?
“I see a lot of similarities with what I do and what an architect does: They start with a blank space and create a blueprint. A big part of my job is helping women figure out who they are. I love working with an artist who doesn’t really know what her style is yet, or someone who is in a transition phase and will take risks—like Zendaya and Celine Dion.”

How did your previous life as a vintage-clothing store owner in Pilsen inform your work as a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles?
“Growing up as a little boy watching my mom and grandma get ready for church, I was captivated by the way they dressed. Being a woman is such an art form, especially if you think about old Hollywood. Through the Pilsen store [Deliciously Vintage], by chance, I met Zendaya, who was a young Disney Channel star, and we started playing with vintage clothes—and people noticed.”

You’re returning for a second year to America’s Next Top Model this month, and Tyra Banks is back. What should we expect?
“It’s absolutely exciting that Tyra is back—she is the queen of ANTM. And, of course, when you put 14 women in a house, things will definitely happen. But I think this season is less about the drama and more about women empowering one another.”

What makes Chicago style so unique?
“Chicago is very similar to other major cities where the transplants lead the fashion culture. It’s the dreamers that come from other places and bring their fantasies of how a person can look and act. We can learn a lot from them.”

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