Kara Mann Transforms Housekeeping Essentials Into Design Showpieces

Laura Hine | September 11, 2020 | National


KARAPORTRAIT3_2.jpgKara Mann

“I grew up in a house where everything had its place and everything really sparkled,” says Chicago- and L.A.-based interior designer Kara Mann. “My mom made it lovely, but we also lived in our house; it was relaxed and comfortable and fun.” Given her idyllic childhood, it’s no surprise that Mann’s first solo product line, KEPT, is housekeeping essentials.

LAUNDRYOVERALLBW.jpgKEPT products are meant to be on display

“I’ve spent years working on designing houses for people, and these are the things that are forgotten,” she says. “I wanted this collection to hit the sweet spot of products that are thoughtfully designed and made—buy once, buy well. It’s a broom that you don’t have to hide away; you can hang it on a pegboard and use it because it feels good in your hand and sweeps beautifully.” In her planning, Mann also worked hard to find vendors using natural materials with less plastic and wasteful packaging.

UtilityBundleDark01rtR1.jpgUtility set, $458

And for those who love the idea of having back-of-the-house items as beautiful as those center stage, the designer—who has collaborated with Goop and Baker—has more in store. “I want to grow the line so it’s more inclusive for the whole home,” she says. “I’ve always found that if I have that backbone of a tidy space, then I can be more creative.” Given all the stylish ways she has to keep a home neat, we have no doubt her pipeline of great ideas and products will continue to flourish.

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Kara Mann portrait by Douglas Friedman; all other photos courtesy of KEPT