Why Ikram Goldman Thinks Duro Olowu's Splashy Designs Are a Must-Wear This Season

By J.P. Anderson | September 6, 2018 | Style & Beauty

With unforgettable prints and beyond-fabulous fabrics, designer Duro Olowu has created the must-wear garment of the season.

For Chicago style guru Ikram Goldman, Duro Olowu’s eye-poppingly colorful kimonos are effortlessly chic and perfectly of the moment. (Photo by Luis Monteiro/courtesy of Duro Olowu)

Nigerian-born, London-based fashion designer Duro Olowu has been renowned for his eye for fabrics since he splashed onto the scene more than a decade ago—and his new collection of kimonos is essential wearing, says Chicago fashion guru Ikram Goldman.

“Duro connects fabrics in terms of texture, color and prints like no one else,” Goldman enthuses. “If we go shopping together in a vintage mill, he will find the fabric that will be the most coveted in all of fashion for that season, hidden behind millions and millions of rolls; he just has that sense. And with a traditional garment like a kimono, he makes the perfect version in terms of edging, fabrics and how it fits on the body. It’s the most exquisitely finished piece you will have in your wardrobe.”

Why a kimono? Responds Goldman, “We’re all so wound up right now because of what’s happening politically, and there’s an ease in a kimono; you almost feel like you’re breathing out when you put it on. And his kimonos are all basically one of a kind—almost all are made of vintage fabrics, or remnants of fabrics from jackets or dresses he has made. He’s not wasteful: The edging, the pockets, the belt—it’s all from fabrics that otherwise would have been thrown out, and that’s another reason why I love every one of his pieces.” Available at Ikram, 15 E. Huron St., 312.587.1000

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