Goh En Wei Mervyn Talks About His Passion For Cybersecurity And Digital Protection

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

Young minds are light bulbs awaiting to be used tomorrow. If you are keen, you will notice that in the current trends, young people are coming up with ideas that seek to explore the world revolving around technology. Many of the young people, if not taken through the right channels end up using their ideas in ways that may affect their lives. Those who get a proper and secure platform, get to grow and experience, then end up becoming successful entrepreneurs. A good case study is that of Goh En Wei Mervyn.


At his young and youthful age, Mervyn has achieved a lot for himself. However, it did not just happen for him. Just like Rome, success was not built in one day. He has had to learn from his own experience how to utilize well on his skills. His case is a unique yet motivating and inspiring start. As a child, he was always inspired to become a hacker through movies. He pushed himself daily to become a great hacker and eventually, he became good at it. He had to attend school, where he got his degree in cybersecurity. With time he has elevated his skills to become one of the best cybersecurity analysts. With his own experienced, he has been working with some major big private companies. 

Other than hacking, Goh En Wei Mervyn is a blockchain developer. He is skillfully talented and understands how to hack his ways around blockchain technology. Passion is the key to his exceptional skills. Mervyn is the day-to-day guru for technology growth. 

What stands out most about Goh En Wei Mervyn, is his determination to get into the tech-world at such a young age. It takes more than hard work, as long as you are willing and passionate about your career, rising will never be an issue.

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