Italian Fashion Designer Giovanni Bedin's Fantastical Collection Lands In Chicago

By J.P. Anderson | September 1, 2020 | Style & Beauty National

With his latest effort, breakout Italian designer Giovanni Bedin gives us the fashion collection we need at this moment in time.

GIOVANNIBEDINFW2016black.jpgFashion has always been the ultimate escape—and in uncertain times, that fantasy is more important than ever. “We have to keep the dream alive,” insists Chicago fashion guru Ikram Goldman. “If we can’t dream, we don’t have anything to look forward to—period.” What’s keeping the River North boutique owner dreaming these days? Fashion that speaks to the moment—like the new collection by Venice-born designer Giovanni Bedin.

A couture-trained talent whose résumé pops with names like Lagerfeld, Mugler and Ungaro, Bedin has taken that high-fashion background and applied it to his own ready-to-wear line, with stunningly accessible results. “When I saw it, my jaw dropped,” Goldman says. “He works with pleating, proportion and fabrics in a way that I haven’t seen a newcomer do in a long time—and he just nails it.”

From asymmetrical shirtdresses to a “proportionally perfect” denim dress and a chevron dress with an element of Empire that “made it a little naughty,” Benin’s garments are playful, simple and brilliantly executed. Just as important, they’re designed for right now. Sums up Goldman, “This is exactly what girls want to wear. It’s the kind of comfort paralleled with beauty that is so needed in this moment.” Ikram, 15 E. Huron St.

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