Chandon Sparkling Wine Gets Fresh New Look For Spring

Michael Tommasiello | April 6, 2021 | Food & Drink

Chandon Brut and Rose new bottle 2021

Since 1959, Chandon has been a leader in the champagne and sparkling wine industry, harvesting fine grapes from vineyards across the globe. It’s a brand that’s earned its place among the highest tiers of the business, and become a go-to for any celebration.

Much of that reputation is based on reliability, but now, for the first time in the company’s 62-year history, Chandon is getting a facelift.

In the fine wine business, it’s rare to see any changes made to well-known branding, and as a leading sparkling wine in the U.S., it’s safe to say Chandon’s look is well known. French sibling Moet recently allowed fashion house Ambush to redesign its bottle for a limited edition run. Now, it’s the sparkling wine’s turn.

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Chandon’s new, innovative visual identity pays tribute to the brand's expansive winery community. A vertical stripe runs the length of the bottle, while a new seven-pointed star rests at the top. Each point represents Chandon’s six globally-renowned wineries across Argentina, Brazil, California, Australia, China and India, as well as its “pioneering spirit” which leads the way.

The dynamic look is meant to mirror the brand's values while aiming to delight loyal consumers and attract adventurous shoppers with its eye-catching vertical design.

“The pioneering spirit has been embedded within the Chandon DNA since the birth of our Argentinian winery in 1959,” says VP Anne Sophie Stock. “Chandon continues to discover new methods and terroirs to keep our sparkling wines at the top of the category – and this new visual identity is a representation of that. As a connection of global wineries, we are dedicated to this time-honored craft worldwide.”

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The new design was crafted in-house, and unlike the limited-edition Moet and Ambush bottles, this design is here to stay.

“Premium quality and craftsmanship are inherent to Chandon,” adds winemaker Pauline Lhote. “We do our best to ensure that every bottle and every pour captures the brightness and vibrancy of our dynamic terroirs. Our new identity delivers the same expressive flavors and aromas that are signature of our sparkling wines - only now in a bold new look.”

Chandon Brut and Rose vintages are on sale now with the new branding. Add one to your collection via

Chandon Brut new bottle 2021

Chandon Rose new bottle 2021

Photography by: Courtesy Moet et Chandon