A candid interview with Digital Nod's CMO and digital marketing expert Mohit Mirchandani 

Karishhma Ashwin Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

The landscape of digital marketing as we know it is changing. Due to the unprecedented events of 2020, the retail industry has moved nearly exclusively online. With the consumers shifting to online buying, the marketing too has shifted. While many people are trying to crack the digital medium, some are seasoned experts at it. Mohit Mirchandani, the CMO of the digital agency Digital Nod, is a digital marketing expert. I recently had a conversation with him and was lucky enough to hear his insights on the current digital marketing climate and what the future holds. 


Q1. How do you think the pandemic has affected the digital marketing industry?

The most significant effect on digital marketing was the influx in demand for digital marketing services. Businesses who previously considered digital marketing to be no more than an afterthought are now considering it to be an essential service as they move online. These businesses are giving serious thought to building a credible presence on search engines and social media platforms that reflect their brands' statuses. While the world scrambles to go online, the need to optimize digital marketing has grown with brands, businesses, and public figures looking to connect with audiences online.

Q2. What marketing trend did you think will be popular in 2021?

I predict that we are going to see the importance of personal branding rise in 2021. For many years, consumers have communicated from a distance with large faceless brands. The advent of social media has completely changed the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Transparency is now a very valued asset. Leading professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, and actors are focusing on building their online presence to build their image as notable public figures. Building a well-rounded personal brand that their audience can relate to has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Q3. Why do you think media placements are essential for those building their personal brands?

When you are building your brand, you want as many people as possible to know your name and remember it. The fastest way to spread awareness of your brand is to have a steady stream of quality content that helps you grab headlines and keep your brand in the news. Getting featured in incredible publications is an excellent way to let people know that you are an expert in your field. Strategic media placements are also a great way to keep your brand relevant, like sharing your inputs on current trends and connecting with people interested in what you have to offer.

Q.4 Finally, what advice would you offer to those building their personal brand?

I would advise them to look at personal branding as an activity that will provide growing returns. It is an investment that requires time and effort. There are more innovative options available in the market for those looking to build their personal brand online from scratch without waiting for months and paying a considerable fee for it. 

Media placements are a powerful tool and are becoming increasingly important in today's competitive market. Embrace it, and the scope for growth is massive. 

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