Optima & Michigan Avenue Magazine Opportunity

Michigan Avenue connects with the affluent and the aspirational socially sophisticated resident and visitor, through a format that’s uniquely fast-paced, modern, edgy, uber-local and highly relevant. 



Michigan Avenue will partner with Optima Signature via a fully integrated campaign, that will increase brand awareness by exposing Michigan Avenue's readers, online viewers and event guests to the brand's ultra-luxe property, Optima Signature, as well as reinforce top-of-mind knowledge of Optima Signature as the premier purveyor of sophisticated living.

Optima Signature will receive:

High-impact advertisements in Michigan Avenue magazine ensure the Optima brand message is delivered to our affluent, sophisticated and culturally-astute readers 

Original custom content program showcasing Optima Signature to our engaged online audience, cross-promoted to a robust social media following 

Exclusive event experiences will connect Optima Signature to Michigan Avenue's network of upscale influencers as an innovative leader in the field of urban living



Through our strategic distribution model and significant investment in verified data from Nielsen Claritas, Michigan Avenue is guaranteed to reach the sophisticated and affluent audience.

  • Annual Household Income of $200,000 or More
  • Income-Producing Assets of $750,000 or More
  • 99% of Michigan Avenue readers regularly entertain at home
  • 59% of Michigan Avenue readers plan to remodel some aspect of their home in the coming year
  • 58% more likely to have used a home decorating service
  • 41% of Michigan Avenue readers made some type of home improvement in the past year
  • Among the most common improvements planned are for a kitchen (30%)





Michigan Avenue magazine's lifestyle publication connects with the affluent and the aspirational socially sophisticated resident and visitor, through a format that’s uniquely fast-paced, modern, edgy, uber-local and highly relevant. Filtered through the highest standards of what’s new, cool and need to know, keeping our reader always ahead of the curve.  

Paging in Michigan Avenue ensures the Optima Signature message is delivered to our affluent, sophisticated and culturally-astute readers.

Edit calendar

Summer - Available April 17, 2017 (materials deadline May 15, 2017)   
Fall - Available June 16, 2017 (materials deadline July 12, 2017)   
Late Fall - Available August 18, 2017 (materials deadline August 29, 2017)    

Print Deliverables Per Market:
Please see pricing tiers below.



  • Our sites receive over 50,000 unique visitors a month, and generate over 120,000 pageviews
  • We maintain a strong social presence in Chicago and around the US, with 19,000 Twitter followers, 17,000 Facebook likes, and 18,000 Instagram  followers.
  • We also have a strong email marketing platform, with 18,000 opt-in email addresses.
  • Our dedicated e-blast open rate is 17.6%.
  • Our sites use a custom PHP backend, which allows us greater flexibility with custom content than our competitiors. Sites are fully scalable, and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 
Digital Assets:

Michigan Avenue will work in consultation with Optima to create and promote engaging online content. The program will consist of the following elements:

1. Dedicated email blast

Optima will receive dedicated e-blasts sent to Michigan Avenue's high-quality opt-in email subscribers. These e-blasts can be used to promote Optima Signature, in particular any specials/deals that could be afforded to Michigan Avenue subscribers (which typically increases engagement). Dedicated e-blasts can be activated at any point during the campaign duration. All dedicated e-blasts will receive full analytics tracking, and can have up to 5 subject lines be A/B tested to maximize impressions. 

2. Sponsored Content

Michigan Avenue will produce custom content relating to Optima. Our online editors will work closely with your team to develop topics that are in line with your marketing goals and objectives. Possible topics could include (but are not limited to): 

  • Why Streeterville is Chicago's Hottest Neighborhood
  • Interior Design Trends for 2017
  • DIY Tips for Decorating Your Home
  • What to do on a Saturday Afternoon (Feature bocceball, basketball, and all fun game amendities)
  • How to Experience Resort Life Year Round

Content can also be video content, as provided Optima. 

All content will be wrapped with Optima display ads, and will contain a custom call to action linking to the Optima Signature website. Furthermore, Optima will receive a custom landing page that contains all content from the partnership, as well as any extra digital elements such as videos. Michigan Avenue will ensure that the content that resonates with your target audience, while still being timely and relevant to our readers. 

3. Social Media Promotion

Michigan Avenue will promote Optima to our engaged followers via our social media channels. Content can be determined after consultation between Optima & Michigan Avenue content editors.

4. ROS Advertising

Michigan Avenue will provide Optima traditional display ad advertising, at 33% SOV. 

Online Deliverables Per Market:

Deliverables contingent on investment level. Please see tiers belows. 


Above: Optima Twitter post



Above: Optima sponsored content on homepage rotator, wrapped by banner ads


Above: Blog post featuring Optima sponsored content, wrapped by banner ads



ABNMH Involvement 

The Auxiliary Board is a non-profit organization of Chicago’s young professionals who are dedicated to raising funds for Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Since becoming affiliated with the hospital in 1987, The Auxiliary Board has committed more than $2,000,000 to enhance treatment for Northwestern Memorial’s patients and their families through a host of patient care initiatives. Optima has the opportunity to tap into ABNMH's contacts by partnering together on the Optima Signature Grand Opening event and the Auxiliary Board's signature summer event, Summer Lovin'.

ABNMH Partners on Optima Signature Grand Opening

  • ABNMH logo inclusion on Optima's Grand Opening invitation
  • ABNMH logo inclusion on Optima's on-site signage 
  • ABNMH will invite its board and members to attend the Grand Opening 

Summer Lovin' Event Inclusion

Summer Lovin' is attended by over 1,000 young professionals and includes top names restaurants and sponsors. The 17th annual event will be held on Firday, July 28, 7pm-10:30pm at the Chicago History Museum. Each year, Summer Lovin' raises an everage of $100k to support an initiative at NMH. Optima will receive the following assets through it's involvement:

  • 1000 guests exposed to Optima Signature
  • 10 VIP tickets to Summer Lovin'
  • Premium billing on Summer Lovin' invitations, signage and event publicity
  • Recognition in Summer Lovin' marketing materials
  • Mention in the Summer Lovin' media release
  • Verbal recognition during presentation at Summer Lovin'
  • Recognition of sponsor level on ABNMH's website and Summer Lovin' event signage including video logo loop on-site
  • Company website link on ABNMH's website
  • Private tour of the research facility
  • Invites to year end meeting reception
  • Invites to annual check presentation
  • Membership in The Streeterville Society of NMH and recognition in annual report 

Total Investment to ABNMH: $7,500


Optima Signature Grand Opening

OPTIMA: Your Resort Right at Home 

Michigan Avenue magazine will invite Chicago's top influencers to discover Optima's sky-high paradise. Guests will be encouraged to wear resort wear to make this a standout event of the summer. As they arrive, our invitees will be greeted with Tiki-like cocktails and given “InstaOptima” cards to guide their tour throughout the property. Optima representatives will escort guests throughout the amendity floors, model units and other desired locations throughout the building that will showcase its spectacular views and amenities. They will also be treated to passed hors d’oeuvres and specialty themed cocktails. After the sun sets, guests will continue to enjoy the Chicago summer night with music from our DJ and twinkling lights that will illuminate the evening.

The Decor

  • Bright florals 
  • Palms
  • Flower wall
  • Pinneapple centerpiece
  • Swan rafts in pools

Social Media: #INstaOPtima

Guests will be encouraged to participate in our #INSTAOPTIMA Contest

Michigan Avenue will create a unique incentive for guests to engage and utilize Optima's amendities. We will develop an Instagram challenge that will encourage guests to explore and engage the three different amendity floors. Participants of the contest, called “instaOPTIMA”, will be entered to win a variety of prizes such as dining and spa experiences in the streeterville neighborhood.

Soup To Nuts Grand Opening

  • Michigan Avenue's events team will plan and execute the Grand Opening event from 'soup to nuts' with input and guidance from Optima
  • Electronic invitation design
  • Electronic invitation distribution to a pre-determined number of Michigan Avenue’s VIPs
  • Optima Signature logo inclusion on event invite (to be approved by Optima)
  • RSVP management prior to event
  • On-site RSVP management
  • Photographer (Optima will receive photos following event)
  • Design & printing of the step & repeat
  • Optima Signature logo inclusion on step & repeat (to be approved by Optima)
  • DJ/entertainment
  • Audio/Visual equipment rentals and staff including speakers, DJ equipment, wireless microphone, labor, on-site technician, etc.  
  • Beer, wine or spirits partner
  • Passed hors d’oeuvres or food stations to satisfy up to 200 guests for the duration of the event
  • Beverage mixers, garnishes, ice, soda, water, etc to satisfy up to 200 guests for the duration of the event
  • Catering needs such as rentals, glassware, staffing and additional necessities to satisfy up to 200 guests for the duration of the event
  • Servers dedicated to passing food, cocktails and/or beer, wine to satisfy up to 200 guests for the duration of the event
  • Bartenders to satisfy up to 200 guests for the duration of the event
  • Staffing/bussers/cleanup/barbacks crew
  • Décor rentals including but not limited to bars, high boys, tables, linens, floral, etc.
  • Distribution of Michigan Avenue magazines for attendees of the event
  • Verbal recognition by Michigan Avenue President & Publisher at event during speeches, including an opportunity for Optima executives to introduce the property to event guests
  • Social media support during the event
  • Post-event pictorial coverage in Michigan Avenue’s “Invited” section and/or on michiganavemag.com (subject to editorial discretion)   























- One (1) Spread in Summer Issue availiable June 16, 2017
- One (1) Spread in Fall Issue availiable August 18, 2017
- One (1) Full Page in Late Fall Issue available October 2, 2017


- Two (2) sponsored content pieces, each running for two weeks and receiving prime placement in the michiganavemag.com homepage rotator
- Custom landing page for all content from the digital program
- One (1) dedicated e-blast
- Two (2) sponsored Twitter posts
- Two (2) sponsored Facebook posts
- One (1) sponsored Instagram post
- One (1) month of Large Leaderboard advertising at 33% SOV

 Event Activation

Optima Signature Grand Opening Celebration "Soup to nuts" Execution

ABNMH Partners with Optima Signature on Grand Opening Event

Optima Signature Platinum Sponsor of Summer Lovin'

Total Net Investment(150-200 guests): $59,000

Total Net Investment (350 guests): $79,000


For more information, contact:

Lee Karis: Account Executive, Michigan Avenue 

[email protected] / 847.912.8626